Anna Maria Jopek will perform on Cosmopolite Club’s 30th birthday

AMJ is coming back to  Oslo, to celebrate 30th anniversary of a legendary jazz club Cosmopolite with Dominik Wania, Robert Kubiszyn and Paweł Dobrowolski.

Feel invited to take part in this wonderful event: 10 November 2022

AMJ again in a theatrical project „A Woman’s Time”

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Old Theater (Teatr Stary) in Lublin, in January Anna Maria Jopek will sing again in the theatrical performance “A Woman’s Time”(“Czas Kobiety”) directed by Leszek Mądzik. 

On the stage, Anna is accompanied by Robert Kubiszyn, with whom she created the soundtrack to the performance. The majority of the live played music is improvised which makes each performance a unique experience.

12-16 January 2022 – Lublin, Teatr Stary
CZAS KOBIETY (A Woman’s Time), Leszek Mądzik’s theatrical project

“Przestworza” will return in August 2021

Anna Maria Jopek’s concert tour “Przestworza” [The Expanses], paused in March due to coronavirus, kicks back off in August 2021. The concert will feature some brand new music from Anna, as well as several songs she’s cherished since childhood, all in Piotr Wojtasik’s orchestration. The Extraordinary Band will perform in full force: Piotr Wojtasik, Dominik Wania, Maciej Sikała, Robert Kubiszyn, Piotr Nazaruk, Paweł Dobrowolski, Atom String Quartet, and obviously AMJ.

“The thought we can bring this music back has given me much strength in the passing months. Each day, I tried to go through things, even if only small ones, in my thinking, skills, and expression to, when we get past this bend, be a little further along, a little more prepared for the music I’ve been searching for,” says AMJ.

In order to meet safety measures and new regulations, the band is ready to perform twice wherever necessary.

Thank you for deciding to keep your tickets, despite what we’re all going through! Please contact your ticket office directly for more details. We hope to see you soon!

“The Expanses” Band and Management