Anna Maria Jopek & Makoto Ozone – “Haiku”

It is an attempt to find a common factor for the Polish and Japanese music. The project was accomplished together with Makoto Ozone, the most outstanding Japanese jazz pianist. As a guest star we will have a chance to hear Tomohiro Fakuhara, the artist of Kabuka theatre, who will play bamboo flutes. The album was recorded and mixed by Tadeusz Mieczkowski in Warsaw studio Sound and More. Anna Maria Jopek has visited Japan six times so far performing in the most important places in the country. More concerts in December and January 2012 after the album premiere in Tokyo.

Track list:
1. Yoake (Tomohiro Fukuhara)
2. Hej, Przeleciał Ptaszek (traditional/Tadeusz Sygietyński)
3. Dolina (traditional/Tadeusz Sygietyński)
4. Oberek (traditional/Tadeusz Sygietyński)
5. Biel (Marcin Kydryński)
6. Do Jo Ji (traditional)
7. O Mój Rozmarynie (traditional)
8. Pandora (Makoto Ozone)
9. Dobro (Paweł Dobrowolski)
10. Cyraneczka (traditional/Tadeusz Sygietyński)
11. Kujawiak (traditional/an extract from Mazurka cis-moll op. 6 nr 2 Fryderyk Chopin)
12. Yuugure (Tomohiro Fukuhara)

Pawel Dobrowolski: drums, percussion
Tomohiro Fukuhara: traditional bamboo flutes
Anna Maria Jopek: voice, calimba (2)
Robert Kubiszyn: double bass, acoustic bass, vocal (3)
Pedro Nazaruk: voice (3, 4, 9), zithers, fluets
Makoto Ozone: piano

Recorded by Tadeusz Mieczkowski at Sound and More, Warsaw, November 28th 2010
Additional recrdings: January 5th January, Sound and More
Mixed by Tadeusz Mieczkowski at Sound and More, January 6th and 7th
Piano by Yamaha

Arranged and produced by Anna Maria Jopek and Makoto Ozone with contribution of the band
Executive producer: Marcin Kydryński
Pro Tools editing: Robert Kubiszyn
Assistant at Sound and More: Artur Dzyr
Piano tuner and Yamaha piano supervisor: Marian Krawczyk
Haiku Bad technician: Piotr Mizik, Assistant: Marcin Matysiak

Master: Jacek Gawłowski JG Mastelab

Photography: Marcin Kydryński, Design: Kasia Mrożewska