I can't wait to enter this historic club, the Blue Note of Tokyo, where so many of my mentors and friends have already performed. Quite frankly - it has been a dream for years, finally coming true.

It's such afabulous feeling to receive your generous invitation to Japan! The place so far from my home yet so close to my heart. I was there once, back in 2005, devouring the intensive beauty of your country with all my senses. I've been missing these distant Islands ever since.

I immediately realized back then that it was the country of all the values that I praised, values centuries old, yet still vivid, important. Respect for the other human being, for the enviroment and traditions; love of the subtle, elegant order. The courage and pride of being different. One of a kind. That's what I appreciate most in Japan.

Amazing, that people of Japan manage to somehow give each other so much of this sacred space, when there is so little room around. Being constantly harrassed, touched, pushed everywhere else in the world - I feel safe while in your country. It seems to be a matter of dignity and respect.

In the history and art of my continent Art Nouveau has always been a personal favorite of mine. That's when we borrowed most from the aesthetics of the Far East. Therefore it's not a surprise, that when I am in Japan I constantly marvel over the sheer beauty of each of your signs/letters , your unique old buildings, the gentle charm of your blooming trees. I keep some Basho Haikus always at hand. Yes, I am probably a little old fashioned. Still - the Shinkansen journey becomes an equal thrill each time! And Sushi - oh my, it became an addiction. Nothing in the whole wide world beats Japanese cuisine!

While in Kioto once - I also walked on this amazing, "singing" floor of one of the palaces. From that day it's been my dream, it became almost an obsession - maybe this floor and I should sing a duet?

Anna Maria Jopek








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