Anna Maria Jopek “Przestworza” (The Expanses)

Following the announcement of her performance in “Vikings” and still during her concert tour in Asia—Anna Maria Jopek is revealing the details of her next project. In spring 2020, she embarks on a concert tour in 9 Polish cities. AMJ will team up with the Polish artists she’s admired for years.

The grandeur and pureness of their playing have made them a true champions league. AMJ and Piotr Wojtasik, the project’s musical director and orchestrator, will be accompanied on stage by Dominik Wania, Maciej Sikała, Atom String Quartet, Robert Kubiszyn, Paweł Dobrowolski and Piotr Nazaruk.

“’Przestworza’ [The Expanses] as a title came to my mind almost immediately. Yet even before the title was possible, it had all begun with what is by far the most important element: People, the dream lineup. I managed to invite the artists whose playing and stature in music embody everything I believe in and unceasingly yearn for. I’m looking forward to finding out the equation that the music will write for this human- and repertoire configuration. And I know—I have a strong feeling about this, as strong as my need to stay free—that it’s going to be different than anything that came ever before.”

“Przestworza” [The Expanses] will see the band perform a set of premiere music, created specifically for these on-stage encounters. We’ll get thrilled with traditional phrases and themes, along with brand new songs. Acoustically, broadly, spatially at some of Poland’s most beautiful concert venues.

08/03/2020 – SZCZECIN, Filharmonia w Szczecinie im M. Karłowicza 
13/03/2020 – POZNAŃ, Sala Ziemi Poznań Congress Center
14/03/2020 – ŁÓDŹ, Klub Wytwórnia 
16/03/2020 – GDYNIA, Teatr Muzyczny 
17/03/2020 – BYDGOSZCZ, Filharmonia Pomorska 
23/03/2020 – WROCŁAW, Narodowe Forum Muzyki 
27/03/2020 – BIELSKO-BIAŁA, Bielskie Centrum Kultury 
28/03/2020 – KATOWICE, NOSPR
06/04/2020 – KRAKÓW, Opera Krakowska