Anna Maria Jopek & Piotr Wojtasik in Chicago

Anna Maria Jopek & Piotr Wojtasik Quintet – Polish Jazz Gala at the Copernicus Center!

8 October 2023, 18:00 – Copernicus Center

On stage, in addition to the leaders, there will be excellent Polish jazzmen forming the Piotr Wojtasik Quintet: Marcin Kaletka (saxophone), Michał Szkil (piano), Michał Barański (double bass) and legendary drummer – Kazimierz Jonkisz. During the concert, we will hear a song by Zbigniew Wodecki in an unusual arrangement by Piotr Wojtasik, songs from the album “To Whom it May Concern” in completely new versions, songs from the “Przestworza” program, as well as a few musical surprises. Anna Maria Jopek and Piotr Wojtasik will bring us on an extraordinary jazz journey!

“On one side is a group of performers who create what they feel and then present it to the audience. On the other hand, there are artists who go on stage to play what the audience wants to hear. We are in the first group.” – Piotr Wojtasik.


foto: Kasia Stańczyk